Applicant Requirements

  • Be in your sophomore year of high school
  • Have an academic GPA of at least a 3.0

Because the applications are carefully reviewed by a committee, students should not expect to hear from the MC² program until the end of April via email. If your email address should change before then, please notify the MC² office by emailing

Please note that you can save your progress and come back to the application later by logging back in with the username and password used to create your account.

For any additional questions about the application process, please email

Registration Instructions

1)  First register a username/email address with us. After doing so, you should receive an email at the address provided that includes a link you must follow in order to set up a password.

2)   Once you click the link in the email, you will be prompted to set up a password. The password requirements are quite strict and the system is sensitive in that it only accepts strong passwords. Be sure that your chosen password meets ALL of the following requirements:

-at least 10 characters long

-contains both upper AND lower case letters

-contains numbers AND punctuation

Once you’ve submitted your password, click on the ‘Begin Application’ button. Anytime you visit the site in the future, you will click the ‘login’ button and use your established username and password to reference your application status.

Application Due Date

All components of your application (including your transcript and letter of recommendation) must be submitted by Wednesday March 14th, 2018.